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OMG was founded on the basis of providing our clients with the feeling that they have a partner. We embrace your ideas and structure, then turn it into an efficient, profitable process. When it comes to marketing (inbound or outbound phone, internet, mail, etc), customer service (inbound or outbound), we can certainly assist.



We have had the pleasure of working with some of the largest companies in the USA when it comes to the services we offer. This is what gives our company the credability your business is looking for, with the know-how needed to provide above satisfactory work.

When it comes to ENERGY, we have experience in 41 Markets and a vast array of knowledge in the industry of deregulation. Our team has enrolled thousands upon thousands of customers for several different suppliers through-out the United States and soon Canada. We've sold variable, fixed, above, and/or below market rate. There's no job too tough and no energy too expensive. It's all about the presentation!

With POLITICAL, Options Marketing Group (OMG) helps political organizations; lobbyist; advocacy groups, trade associations, government officials; and public affairs consultants advance their public policy agendas. OMG will partner with you with cost effective and highly strategic Voter Calling Programs that enable direct communication with each individual voter! We develop the right call strategy and write scripts with highly effective key messages that aim to persuade supporters to go to the polls and cast their vote. OMG’s highly skilled Agents are well trained & well equipped to deliver a consistent and professional conversation that cuts through the clutter and with tactical messaging with each target voter.

In the industry of INTERNET, we can optimize the functionality of your website to make it easy to locate as well as navigate through. It's important for your customer's and/or clients to be able to locate you through major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, and more. We have years of experience accomplishing this task with excellent results. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization for your website, we are your solution!

We are also a fully equipped website design agency providing top notch website design at an affordable price. Some of the sites we have created or worked on have assisted in making our clients extreme revenue. Whether you need the graphics, backend programming, or the complete package - we can help!

CUSTOMER SERVICE is something that we have a proven track record in. Whether it is with our clients or our clients customers, we can assist your company in answering your customers questions, concerns, etc. An important factor in providing great Customer Service is making sure you leave no stone un-turned and handle every situation as if it were a matter of life or death. Customer Service ca make or break your company.


  • Web Based Dialer - Our dialer is capable of handling inbound or outbound calls. User's can login anywhere through-out the entire world as long as they have the internet and a computer. We are able to provide extensive client reporting, record all calls, live monitoring, set dialer speeds, and much more. There really is no limit as to how we customize the functions of the OMG Dialer. Please let us know if it's time for you to upgrade your dialing capabilities - we can help!
  • IT Support - Our highly trained IT Staff has 25 years of collective experience. They have worked with Microsoft, Craigslist, Cisco, and more. Whatever your company requires from an IT aspect, we can handle it.

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